Ohio – Kings Island and Cedar Point

I have been wanting to go to Cedar Point for a while and, while there are plenty of organised trips which include the park, they are all about 2 weeks long and it’s day after day of travelling and parks. I wanted something a bit more relaxed so decided to take a solo trip for 6 days – 2 days at Kings Island, 2 days at Cedar Point, and 2 full days for travel to/from Sandusky – and starting/ending at Cincinnati airport.

I planned all park days to include Fast Lane (KI) or Fast Lane Plus (CP) as I hate queueing, especially so if I’m on my own with nobody to talk to. I also bought a Silver/Summer season pass for each park as this included parking and worked out cheaper than 2 day tickets plus parking. This, plus the flights, car hire, hotels and the trains to get to/from Heathrow put the total for the trip at about £2,500.

Kings Island – Tuesday and Wednesday

Starting off at Kings Island – I could probably have done a single day here as the park was fairly quiet both days, especially earlier on in the day the Fast Lane was not really needed at all. I bumped into the RCCGB on the Tuesday here, who were on their 2024 USA trip “Park and Ride”. I thought it was a really nice park with some great rides. I didn’t really go on anything besides the coasters (and one lap on the train), perhaps I should have gone on the water rides as it was very warm and sunny (30C on Tuesday, a little cooler on the Wednesday). Park hours for both days were 10am-10pm, and I got the unlimited drinks refill (just over $20 a day with tax) as this worked out much better value than $6 per drink for bottles, especially in the heat at times I was counting down the 15 minute time out for my next drink.

Top two coasters here for me are:

Diamondback. This is a really good B&M hyper which opened in 2009, running three trains, with plenty of airtime and a splashdown at the end. Despite kicking up a huge amount of water spray, the splashdown doesn’t actually get you wet except for occasionally if you’re on the back row.

Diamondback splash down

Mystic Timbers. This is a GCI wooden coaster which opened in 2017. Very good ride at the back, especially if it’s been raining a bit. It just feels so fast with plenty of airtime and, from a front row view, the first drop is so steep. I felt this is what Wickerman should have been like. There’s a small dark section at the end of the ride, presumably just as a way of running a third train by giving it a block it can sit on for a minute or so before entering the station.

Other highlights include:

The Beast – a crazy woodie, not much airtime in the layout but it’s all about speed.
Banshee – a B&M invert with a decent layout, unfortunately the vest restraints make it a little uncomfortable.
Orion – a second, newer B&M hyper, the layout feels like it’s missing something compared to Diamondback.
Racer – two wooden coasters with a mirror layout which race. Lots of fun.

Orion halfway down its 310 ft drop, with Racer in front

Cedar Point – Friday and Saturday

Thursday was spent driving from Mason to Sandusky, which took about 4 hours. Unfortunately I fell ill on Thursday so after managing the drive, the rest of the day was spent in bed. I didn’t feel much better on the Friday but I did take a trip to Cedar Point, as I had come this far and already bought all the tickets.

I think a combination of being ill, and having over-hyped Cedar Point before hand, led to me being really disappointed with my visit. I struggle to work out which of the coasters belong in my top 10 due to this. I did manage approx 7 hours in the park, which was open 10-8 on Friday and 10-10 on Saturday. I spent the entirety of Saturday in the hotel hoping I would recover enough for my flight home.

As an Arrow fangirl I was really looking forward to Cedar Point, especially Magnum XL 200. Unfortunately I only got one go as it went down for a few hours, on the third row, and I just found it uncomfortable and the ejector airtime, into one of those lap bars (especially when stapled), was horrible. A real shame and I would probably have had a much better time if I had been feeling well.

Top Thrill 2 – thrilling nobody as it was still closed

Top Thrill 2 was still closed so I didn’t get a chance to ride this. The stand out coasters for me were:

Steel Vengeance – RMC – despite the usual thigh pain from the awfully designed lap bars, not as painful as Untamed and probably a better layout.
Gemini – Arrow twin track racing coaster – a great ride in any seat, with pleasant airtime in places
Maverick – Intamin magnetic launch coaster – a good ride and the softer OTSR are much more pleasant than the type you find on their hydraulic launches e.g. Stealth/Rita
Millennium Force – Intamin giga coaster – an enjoyable layout.

I was very disappointed with Rougarou and Raptor, especially Raptor towards the end of the layout when cornering into a brake run you get a particularly nasty ears-smashed-into-restraint.

Rougarou – a B&M sit down

Updated top 10s

So after such a trip I need to update my top 10 steel and top 10 wood.

1ToutatisParc Astérix, France
2Batman Gotham City EscapeParque Warner Madrid, Spain
3DiamondbackKings Island, Ohio USA
4Steel VengeanceCedar Point, Ohio USA
5TaronPhantasialand, Germany
6HelixLiseberg, Sweden
7ShambhalaPort Aventura, Spain
8KondaaWalibi Belgium, Belgium
9UntamedWalibi Holland, Netherlands
10Millennium ForceCedar Point, Ohio USA
Top 10 Steel – June 2024

1TroyToverland, Netherlands
2BalderLiseberg, Sweden
3Wild MouseBlackpool Pleasure Beach, UK
4MegafobiaOakwood, UK
5Mystic TimbersMason, Ohio USA
6BeastMason, Ohio USA
7Racer (Blue)Mason, Ohio USA
8Racer (Red)Mason, Ohio USA
9Tonnerre 2 ZeusParc Astérix, France
10Loup-GarouWalibi Belgium, Belgium
Top 10 Wood – June 2024