Nemesis Reborn

I had a trip to Alton Towers recently to check out the newly retracked Nemesis Reborn. I went on a week day to avoid the huge queues – on its first day it had a queue of 4h35 at one point. Unfortunately it was having some issues on the day I went so opened late, however the queues were okay at about 30-40 minutes.

First of all the theming they have done in this area is really good, it definitely needed a refresh as it was looking very tired. Entering the area, there is a helicopter with a couple of cages of Nemesis eggs, tying in the Nemesis Sub-Terra story into the area. There’s new theming, and the queue line has been replaced with a new route which takes in various theming elements around the queue line – for example a piece of track which appears to come out of the ground, or a container set up as a lab with a piece of track breaking out through it. These, combined with the views from the queue line, really help to improve the queue, there is also very little “cattle pen” style queue layout which is great to see.

One of the theming elements in the queue line

Onto the ride itself – not much to say really, I found it as good as the original Nemesis. It’s a really good layout that just works, kind of a terrain coaster (albeit with terrain they created themselves – blasting a pit into the ground to avoid the coaster going above the tree line), In some areas it felt a little more forceful (feet-tingly), there is a really good interaction with the theming with the Nemesis eye reacting and smoke/fog coming out.

The original Nemesis didn’t feature in my top 10 recently, however having got back on it, and how well the coaster interacts with the theming and the area in general, it’s gone up in my rankings. I’ve also moved OzIris up as that’s another great invert – I think OzIris is probably the better coaster however Nemesis Reborn’s new area puts it slightly ahead for me.

1Batman Gotham City EscapeParque Warner Madrid, Spain
2ToutatisParc Astérix, France
3TaronPhantasialand, Germany
4HelixLiseberg, Sweden
5ShambhalaPort Aventura, Spain
6KondaaWalibi Belgium, Belgium
7UntamedWalibi Holland, Netherlands
8Ride to HappinessPlopsaland De Panne, Belgium
9NemesisAlton Towers, United Kingdom
10OzIrisParc Astérix, France
Top 10 Steel – March 2024