Parc Astérix

I decided on a short break in France around my birthday – because who wants to work on their birthday, right? My plan was a day at Parc Astérix and a day at Parc St Paul, then a flight back home. Unfortunately I messed up Parc St Paul and turned up to locked gates – it was open on the day I had originally planned but not on the actual day (I moved everything back a day to get an early enough flight to be able to collect a hire car….)

Anyway on to Parc Astérix. I went for the Filotomatix Illimité, which is their unlimited fast track, unsure as to how busy it would actually be – but this was my first ever visit to Parc Astérix and as I was going on my own, I didn’t want to be spending any time stood in queues. It turned out to be a good call as the park was rather busy, queues for some of the larger coasters consistently at 1-2 hours for most of the day.

Unfortunately I seem to have lost all the photos and videos I took after 2:30pm, not sure how as they aren’t in the recently deleted folder, but we’ll just go with what I have still got.

I really enjoyed Parc Astérix, no doubt this was helped by the fast track, but I thought there was a good selection of coasters. Stand out for me was Oziris, a B&M invert with enough ride time to be able to run a three train service – I think this is my favourite invert so far. Toutatis was also brilliant, which is their latest Intamin launch coaster. This sends you out of the station, launches over a couple of airtime hills towards a large top hat, but you don’t make it over this – you roll back, reverse launch over the airtime hills (backwards airtime is so weird) and up a spike. Then you drop down and launch even faster over the airtime hills and up the top hat, this time making it over. Following this is a decent length of track with inversions, hang time and air time. Especially good was the despatch times – they have a target of 50 seconds to unload, load, check and send the train and were managing this in as little as 35 seconds at times.

Goudurix, a Vekoma MK-1200 with 7 inversions

Another coaster, not quite as fun to ride but great to watch and it’s a classic – is Goudurix, a 1989 7 inversion Vekoma MK-1200. This had the expected head banging against the OTSR but wasn’t too bad if you keep your head back.

Tonnerre 2 Zeus is their woodie, which was retracked and reprofiled a while back and now runs Timberliner trains. They left part of the old track with one of the old PTC trains standing which is a neat thing to look out for while on the ride. It wasn’t the best woodie I’ve been on – fairly lacking in air time, although that could have just been bad luck on how it was running on the day, however it was a bit better near the back. The back row of this coaster faces backwards, this was certainly an “interesting” experience, I quite enjoyed it actually.

Oziris, a B&M invert

Overall I had a really good day here and can’t wait to return next time I’m in France. Unfortunately I’ve used up most of my holidays off work now (at the moment I have 10 days left and 5 of those have to be used over Xmas) so it’s likely to be next year that I can return.