Trip Plans 2023

So as I mentioned in my last post, I’m planning to visit quite a few new parks this year, get on a lot of new coasters and this should dramatically impact my top 10s. I don’t necessarily expect the Big One to move much – maybe hard to understand given it isn’t the most exciting layout and there’s not much airtime on the ramps (yeah they are more ramps than hills, admit it), I grew up watching this being built in my home town and it’s one I really like. Plus you can’t beat that first drop.

MarchBlackpool Pleasure BeachOpening day!
Thorpe ParkOpening day!
Adventure IslandIf it’s open – never been before
Alton Towers
AprilAlton TowersPBE/Your Experience Guide event
Emerald ParkNever been
Blackpool Pleasure BeachRCCGB Blackpool Bash
Walibi BelgiumNever been
Movie Park GermanyNever been
MayPhantasialandNever been
ToverlandNever been
Walibi HollandNever been
EftelingNever been
Plopsaland De PanneNever been
Fantasy Island
Botton’s Pleasure BeachNever been
Blackpool Pleasure BeachWalk the Big One XL
JuneLisebergNever been – PBE Event
AugustOakwoodRCCGB Mega-GLOW-Mania
SeptemberAlton TowersRCCGB WOODathon
OctoberDrayton ManorRCCGB WOODathon – never been
NovemberWinter Wonderland
Trip Plans 2023

Along with this there’s going to be plenty of unplanned trips to BPB/Alton Towers/Thorpe Park.

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