Trip Plans – 2024

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was planning my trips for 2023! I got on 98 new coasters in 2023, would have been over 100 if it wasn’t for a couple which were closed on my visit, a couple where it was too busy to fit them in and one where I wasn’t willing to put myself through the ride (Stampida Red – having already been on the Blue side, those KumbaK trains are awful).

I have a few big trips planned this year – a solo trip to America (to visit King’s Island and Cedar Point, with multiple days at each – a more relaxed trip only taking in these two parks to avoid me having to do so much travelling) and I have booked another CoasterBreaks trip, this time to Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Besides this there will be plenty of Blackpool Pleasure Beach (or should that be “Pleasure Beach Resort” now?) trips and multiple visits to Alton Towers and Thorpe Park. I also want to get to Emerald Park at some point, and if possible return to Parc Astérix and Plopsaland De Panne. There’s also a potential trip to Energylandia in September!

MarchBlackpool Pleasure BeachOpening Weekend!
Alton TowersOpening Weekend!
JuneKing’s IslandNew to me
Cedar PointNew to me
Drievliet Family Park / SlagharenNew to me
Heide ParkNew to me
Hansa ParkNew to me
Djurs SommerlandNew to me
Farup SommerlandNew to me
LisebergReturn Visit
KolmardenNew to me
Grona LundReturn Visit
SeptemberEnergylandiaNew to me
UnplannedThorpe Park
Fantasy Island
Emerald Park
Parc Astérix
Plopsaland De Panne